cím |Ryqdalin, Líbia
megbízó |-
feladat |vázlattervek
Tevékenység |épülettervezés
terület |50m2
állapot |tervezett
dátum |2012

City gates have been around as symbols since classical times. Their significance as such remains unchanged: they continue to serve as guides and waypoints to travelers. Like the entrance to a home, the city gate foreshadows or echoes the space behind it; it is a first impression for those arriving to the city and a parting memory for the people leaving it; and it also plays a major role in defining the personal mood. It is a symbol not only by displaying the traditional tent-shape of the Riqdalin area, but also because it references and expresses the attitudes, talents, opportunities and conditions of those living in the city, while also informing new arrivals and giving a reminder to the departing. As a work of art, the City Gate forms part of the “universal culture of architecture” as both an old and modern version. It can also be seen as a meeting point where caravans of merchants and travelers first met the locals or bid them farewell as they gathered for another long journey since ancient times. This has remained unchanged to the present day. It is no coincidence that the arch under which one passes to arrive or depart plays such a significant role in the design. It is the line between the outside and inside worlds. The stone covering of the city gate, adorned with an engraved script, represents the infinity of time where coming generations can remember the legacy of their forefathers.

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